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Welcome to the Youth Ninja Warrior Program!  

Battle Monkeys Classes: 

Designed for ages 6-16. Kiddos should be school age and able to autonomously follow directions. 

Preschool Battle Monkeys: Designed for ages 3-6. This is a child's first exposure to a teacher, following directions from someone other than a family members, and getting along with a team. 

Hooligans: This class in invite only to Battle Monkey's participants. Ages are less important than work ethic and intrinsic motivation. This is for kids who want more training and do not require their hands to be held. 

Here is where the Chaos begins.  Kids find their home in the gym with this class.  The team of Battle Monkey's can meet three days a week to build their skills in our arena of fun.  A trainer will spend approximately 20 minutes working on skill building and teaching appropriate form.  Every class will also have course challenges for the Battle Monkey's to compete against each other.  Finally, the end of the class will work on general fitness, mobility, and exhaustion. (So they will be quiet on the way home..)

Parents, Grandparents, other people who are responsible for children, this time is perfect for you too.  You are welcome to be an honorary old Battle Monkey, a veteran Battle Monkey if you will.  This is the best time to knock out a workout, family time, raising a healthy child, and have fun all in one hour!

We hope this is a program that will inspire children and families to be fit, happy, and healthy together.  Our dream is to be the first gym to start a traveling course competition team.  So join our group of amazing people, you know you wanna.

P.S. Along with the Battle Monkey's program your child also receives access to our Traditional Karate School located inside Chaos.  We are a branch of Shito-Ryu Genbu-Kai.

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