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Russ is owner, coach, teacher, and builder at Chaos Course, LLC. One half of the Babcock dynamic, Russ is the man with the plans and the strategy. Russ graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Bachelor's degree in Plastics Engineering. While he has worked in the engineering field for over 10 years, he knew fairly early, that this was never his real passion. Since 2009 Russ and his wife, Liz, have been teaching Shito-Ryu Karate in Belton Missouri. In 2014 the Babcock's expanded to opening Kansas City's first and only Ninja Warrior Gym, Chaos Course. Russ has been training in traditional karate for 13 years and has competed in amateur MMA bouts as well as studying Japanese Judo for several years as well. Russ was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2015. Russ is currently training dually in Martial Arts and Ninja Warrior Obstacles and is passionately working to improve his own mobility and teach others to move with ease and reduce day to day pain in members at Chaos.


Liz is the other half of Chaos, and probably, more accurately the living definition of Chaos. The other half of the Babcock team, Liz is another spirit all together. Preferring to look at the mood on your face and determine your workout from there, Liz utilizes her psychology education to make each day the best it can be for you. Liz graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and from St. Mary University with a Master's Degree in Psychology. Liz worked as a Children's Social Worker for 6 years and will currently be acting as the Homeless Crisis Intervention Specialist for a local non profit this year as well. Liz has studied Shito-Ryu Genbu Kai for 22 years and was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2014 as Female Instructor of the Year. Liz was certified as a boxing/kickboxing instructor and taught at several boxing clubs prior to expanding her fitness education and establishing Chaos Course in 2014. Teaching and coaching fitness as well as publicly speaking about self defense, personal wellness, and family health, is a passion that drives Liz daily. Liz strives to let you become passionate and happy about wellness, not just fitness. While working out is a key ingredient to wellness, "working out" has a wide and beautifully diverse definition. Some times you life weights, some times you dance around, some times you slam a ball around invent new curse words. Liz hopes to help you connect to a type of fitness/work out that can become a part of your life. Chaos wants to remind you, "Fitness isn't a burden. You can truly love going to your gym."


Bryce is the next generation Chaos. While having been a karate student to Liz and Russ for many years, Bryce became and indelible part of Chaos from the start. Under the apprenticeship of the Chaos Crew, Bryce has become a master of modification and programming. Recent high school graduate, Chaos ensures that Bryce isn't, "another awful teenager," but rather a delightful addition to beautiful Chaos. While spearheading our morning programming Bryce strives to make sure everyone understands the fitness techniques, to not only educate you about weird acronyms like, "EMOM" or "AMRAP" but to help you fully know the whys and hows of wellness so you can be empowered on your own. Chaos is always here for you, but we do not require you to be left in the dark. We want you educated and capable of being well without us. We just like you and hope you stay around anyway. Bryce will be attending college in the fall to continue his education towards his own personal development.

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