Chaos offers Home School fitness sessions year round.

These are private 6 week sessions. You must sign up ahead of time for these session. Classes are often full so please feel free to inquire and get on a wait list. Classes are capped at approximately 10 students (sometimes only 1 or 2 over to account for siblings). 

 Classes are designed to meet the fitness requirements for your children's education but also creates an environment for peer development, and critical thinking.

Fitness should be seen in the same way we look at food.  Dieting doesn't work long term.  It may make temporary changes but is not something you can sustain and is probably something you HATE and suffer through.  We want fitness to be taught in the same way we teach healthy eating.  It should be a lifestyle.  It should be fun.  It should be inspiring and exciting.  You should most definitely NOT hate it!  This causes children, who then become independent adults, to NEVER workout.

So, we teach dynamic and fun fitness.  We crawl and increase mobility.  We climb ropes and silks and increase strength.  We balance and develop coordination along with stabilizer muscles.  We follow obstacles courses to develop strategy and mental flexibility.  We fail.  We fail often.  We fail to learn that working har dis ok.  We learn that our body working hard is good and that being tired is something to be proud of .  

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