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Basic Needs for Ninjas

Most sports or fitness styles have been around for years and thru trial and error have discovered effective training methods. In recent years very intelligent men like Joel Jameson have worked to incorporate more science into their training for top level precision. In Ninja community we haven’t reached that time for trail & error and the money isn’t there for the science, but who says we can’t learn from everyone else. Many extremely intelligent men and women have come before us, so we might as well take everything we can(we are ninjas after all, so who can stop us?).

First things first, let’s break down what a Ninja Warrior competitor will need.



Grip – Fingers, Whole hand, & Endurance

Strength – Pulling & Support Strength


Feet – Bounding & Landing

Body – Hanging & Swinging


Horizontal – Flat Sprint & Objects

Vertical – Tramp

So with this break down we can expand even further in order to figure out who we want to steal stuff from. So, who is good at what? We all kind of know already. Who excels at Ninja Warrior? Rock Climbers, Gymnast, & Parkour/Free Runners.


Climbing –

Finger Grip Strength – Rock Climbers

Whole Hand Strength – Rock climbers, Gymnast, & Cross trainers (Crossfit, Power lifting, Olympic Lifting)

Grip Strength Endurance – Rock climbers

Pulling Strength – Rock climbers, Gymnast, & Cross trainers

Support – Gymnast & Resistance training


Feet Moving – Parkour, Gymnast, Trampoline training

Feet Landing – Parkour, Gymnast

Body Hanging control – Gymnast, Rock climbers

Body Swinging Control – Gymnast, Parkour


Horizontal Sprints – Track (sprinter & hurdlers), Gymnast, Parkour

Horizontal Objects – Parkour, Track hurdlers

Vertical Tramp – Trampoline training, Gymnast, Parkour

Now that we have some idea of what we need it makes training plans a little(just a little) easier. This allows us to make plans in order to adjust for anyone who wants to find a more enjoyable goal orientated method for staying fit and healthy.

In our next post I will break down workouts for training each of the basic needs for a Ninja Warrior. Once we have all of the basics and training methods covered we can get into different philosophies for creating an effect training schedule for beginners and top competitors.

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