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Exercises for Ninja Prep

Welcome back. This time let’s take a look at each of those basics I laid out in Basic Needs for Ninjas. We will have to keep in mind that more options are always available, but this list covers quite a few that I have observed from the shadows. I have spent lots of time stalking the experts and looking into ways to train the basics and this is what I have so far. I will continue my thievery for future knowledge.

General Training:


Finger Grip Strength:

· Rock climbing – Simple climbing (Indoor or Natural)

· Gyro Ball – Work extensor & flexor muscles to avoid imbalance

· Weight plate pinch

· Cliff hanger – Laps or intervals (30sec hang/ 15sec rest, ext)

· Campus board

Whole Hand Grip Strength:

· Barbell Olympic lifts & Deadlifts

· Farmer Carry

· Monkey bars/Pull ups & Bar or Ring hangs(30/15, ext)

· Rope climb, rope sled drag, & battle ropes

· Sledge hammer or wood splitting

· Silks or Pole dancing

· Kettle Bells

Grip Strength Endurance:

· Rock climbing – extended time(takes months/years to build up time)

· Hangs – extended time (takes months/years to build up time)

· Farmer Carry – Mile walks

Pulling Strength:

· Rows – Body rows, bent row, cable row, & row machine

· Pull ups – Negatives, jumping, pull up, chin up, wide & narrow grip, 1-arm

· Muscle ups – Bar & rings

· Rope & Silk climb

· Olympic lifting

Support Strength:

· Shoulder pre-hab training

· Chest & shoulder press – Pushups, bench press, overhead press, dips, handstands

· Wrist pre-hab

· KB training – Swings, Turkish get ups, Snatch


Feet Moving:

· Broad jumping – single or double leg with quick repeats

· Lateral jumping – Single or double leg with quick repeats

· Bosu Ball Jumping – Landing on and jumping from an unstable surface with quick repeats

· Slack Line – Forward, backwards, fast, slow, ext.

· Pipe Walks – Running or walking along a hand railing or on a rolling pipe

· Pod Walks – Running or walking across balance pods(spacing should be varied over time)

· Agility Ladder

Feet Landing:

· Broad jumping – single or double leg with secure landing each time

· Lateral jumping – Single or double leg with secure landing

· Bosu Ball Jumping – Landing on or jumping from an unstable surface with secure landing

· Pipe Jumps – Jump from pipe to pipe with secure landing

· Lache Landings – Swing from bar and landing on target

Body Hanging Control:

· Plank – Normal, Side, Reverse, Up/Down(elbow to hands)

· Leg Raises – Slow up & down

· Toes to bar – Slow up & down

· Levers & Flags – Front lever, side lever, dragon flag, ext (all static holds or slow movements)

· Superman – Back extension, back leg raises, GHD

Body Swinging Control:

· Kip Up – Laying down, kip up to feet

· Leg Raises – Fast with partner throwing legs down

· Toes to bar – Fast/Kipping

· Hang to Swing – Dead hang and start swing by driving feet forward to begin

· Lache jumps – Start from dead hanging and then lache as far as possible

· Monkey Bars – Straight arm monkey bars

· Rings – Straight arm ring path

· Pipe Slider


Horizontal Sprints:

· Intervals – 20s sprint/20s rest, ext

· Hill Sprint – Sprint 9-12sec (Heart rate 160+), walk (HR under 135), repeat

· Sled Sprints – Push, Pull, Drag(harness), ext

· Tire Flips

Horizontal Objects:

· 2×4 Runs

· Balance Pods

· Pipes

· Slack Line

· Wall walks – Running across a wall

Vertical Tramp:

· Depth Jumps

· Box Jumps

· Bounds

· Trampoline training

· Squats – Body weight, weighted, & jump squats

That is a lot and difficult to take in, but gives us more information to begin our plans. A very important detail to remember is that this training can be very hard on the body if attacked too head on. We must sneak up on each of these skills slowly and intelligently. No one wants a Ninjajury (Ninja + Injury. See what I did there? I actually stole that from a Ninja buddy, thanks Chris). Please notice my use of “skills” or “training” when I talk about this stuff. A very intelligent & experienced trainer, Dan John, also talks about training for strength or power lifting as a skill.

When you train it should involve focus and hard work for a goal, not just to get sweaty and burn calories. That is working out for the sake of working out. We are Ninjas, we TRAIN and we train with a purpose. Always strive for improvement! Even if you fail, it is with the purpose of improvement.

Thank you all for visiting, next time I will start to break down a training plan. It will always vary based on your level & time allotment.

Russ Babcock

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