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Alex Carson: ANW8 Come Back Kid

Alex Carson is one of those people you can’t help but like. You want to be his friend and you feel smart knowing him. He has an intelligence that follows him without ego. He is diligent and works hard. A person parents love to brag about, but you can’t be mad at them, cause, dang he back it up. Alex will also be vying for his shot in Indianapolis April 27th and 28th for the 8th Season of American Ninja Warrior. See him CRUSH the course soon. He is also the Vice President of the Kansas City chapter of Bridges of Society because aside from being an intimidatingly good athlete, he is also an incredible human.

1. A Ninjitsu instructor (real ninja?!!) said you had a quiet and calm energy about you. You nicely said, “well, unless you make me mad.” So if Civil War Alex broke out, what would it be over?

Alex laughs generously, then soberly and definitively answers, “punctuality, being late,” he clarifies. Then he shakes his head and laughs again. “I know some people who are always late. Drives me nuts. But relationships are about compromise.”

2. Let’s really dive in. You ready? Serious questions only.

What is your favorite food to eat while walking; and as a follow up, why are geese such jerks?!

“Is candy a food?” No, not at all Alex, but sure, lets say yes. He responds flashing his pretty sweet teeth, “I’m pretty sure it is. White Chocolate then.” And as for geese, he continues, “Geese, they have the audacity to walk casually in front of your car and act put out by YOU. I guess its all that life and death facing that makes them jerks. I would like to note I have ran over zero geese.” Also note that geese have nothing to do with Alex, engineers just love abstract nonsense questions.

3. Last year you competed for American Ninja Warrior season 7. You went out on the floating tiles on a barely there technicality. Do you now hate all tiles? Bathroom, Ceramic, Ceiling? And what are you doing to prepare for a different outcome this year?

I hate all tiles. ALL OF THEM. My balance has improved. That’s been my main focus all year.

4. Have any other arenas of training improved since last year young grasshopper?

I am 50% stronger than I was last year. Well, I wore my shirt last year, which lost me 10%, so actually 40% stronger. And WAY more balanced. **It is well known among the ninja community that when the shirt comes off a person automatically gains 10% more power. This is science folks. Women gain significantly more power than 10% which actually why historically women are forced to wear shirts. Know your history people.

5. Research shows music can gets an athlete into the “flow” or “the zone.” You’re a musician. So for all the marbles, what is your workout jam?

Startled by the importance of the question, racking his brain for the perfect melody Alex searches his quiet soul for the right answer. “Guarded, by Disturbed. Its also my alarm clock.

6. You’re an engineer. Someone who likes order, logic, and planning. How does the uncertainty of the course effect you?

It sucks. You can’t plan, I’m a planner. I don’t know the sequence. And I can’t just do math to solve the problem.

7. Camaraderie is an ever present theme of ANW. How do your training partners push you?

Man, they have ME build a course and then proceed to tell me how they are gonna beat my time by half. That makes you push. I can’t slow down. Oh, and Jesse Thomas cheats. (Don’t worry, we ill give Jesse his time to refute this claim.)

8. You’ve got like a 32 foot wing span. Have you always been this tall?

Man I was like 5’4″ until my sophomore year of high school. I grew like a foot in one summer.

9. What advice do you have to give to someone just starting this journey??

Don’t let anyone tell you that you cant. Have FUN. We all started some where. Stay motivated.

(816) 349-9205

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