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Chris the Ninja: Veteran Interview

Russ and I created Chaos (pun intended). We have been blessed to be teachers for an incredible martial art community. We wanted to add more for them. What we found was more for us. The American Ninja Warrior (ANW) community has been such a warm, gracious, REAL group of humans. It seems dreamlike that this is our job. Seriously. Chris O was one of those people that solidified to us; that we are doing the right thing, that these were the folks we wanted to spend our time with. He is incredible, equally as a competitor and as a human. The world needs more #chrisdninja in our lives. The world would be a better place.

1.Lets start with real talk, that beard has super powers right? Wait!! What?? Did you shave that off? Was Lex Luthor behind this?

My beard had lots of good karma and power, but for research reasons I cut it down to gain the balance of power and aerodynamics. Cutting it, also it cut about 20lbs. The beard will always be a part of my life. Now how long will I grow it, or keep it short is in destiny’s hands…..stay tuned. (Side note Lex might of had a hand in my theory since his look works .i.e. David Campbell, Kevin Bull)

2. You are an ANW veteran. Which makes that your second most inspiring feature only behind your military service. Thank you for your service. In regards to ANW, what has been your favorite memory?

I was thankful for the opportunity to serve my country. I really don’t have a favorite memory because they all have been amazing. Here is a highlight though: My first moment was meeting Makato Nagano (with an interpeter) at ANW2. He was watching me climb a tall a frame that held climbing ropes at muscle beach. He and a few others were walking by and invited me over. I was so excited to meet a grand champion, who was such a humble man at that. Nagano is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Right then and there I decided to have a little race with him up the frame. I can’t really say who won because it was really close, but I don’t think either of us cared. We were having fun. That’s how I learned what this sport is about….FUN :)­

3. As an athlete, what’s the hardest obstacle (outside the course), you’ve face as a ANW competitor?

The hardest obstacle outside the course are my eating habits. I love fast food, sugars, sodas, doughnuts , candy bars. I can eat clean for a couple of weeks. then I just say, “eff it I wanna indulge.” About a couple weeks and and a spare tire later, I go on my running like a maniac and drink tons of water to lose what i gained. lol

4. You we’re so kind to Russ and myself as we started this adventure. You are so genuine. What in your life do you attribute your kindness too?­

My 3 of my parents were hippies once upon their lives. When you mix that with being from the south, I think that’s got something to do with it. Honestly, growing up I lived in fear of one person, for many years. I don’t think anybody should have to experience that in their life. I offer as much love and good karma as possible.

5. Competition breed a better competitor. After years of this experience, what would you have told your rookie self on that grand platform?

Forget all these other outside influences. All of my life I have wanted to be like everyone else. But the best person you can be is yourself, so go out and be it.


6. We at Chaos have been blessed to be involved with ANW. This Brother/sisterhood is amazing. What has that meant to you?

ANW=Family. Nothing means more to me than that.

The bond that is formed amongst all ninjas makes ANW amazing. It’s not a second family, it is family. The support that we give each other is beyond amazing. Nothing canreally top it!! Two guys in that really stick out is Tim and Devin Handley!! For the last two seasons these guys have made T-shirts supporting the Chris O cause. The first time they did it I was in tears right before I stepped on that platform on ANW6 (had no idea they were made). I will always thankful for that moment. All I can say is ninja love is a strong one and hope to never lose sight of it.

I could keep going on and on but I think i could write a book…lets move on to the next question.

7. Give it up, your #1 pro tip?

Shaun Summers is my pro tip. I owe a lot to that man, or should I say my brother. My grip, I thought it was awesome, he showed me otherwise. After many visits and being adopted by the family, he helped gain strength. His wife loves to torture me with newskin . I feel I owe a lot to that family for making me the ninja I am today.

8. #forapollo. Tell us about that dear pup that you always shout out to.

Apollo was a Boxer a was a gift I will never forget. I had him for just under 8 years when the big C took him from me. Everyone loved Apollo. He could light up a room with his but wiggle and amazing smile. He was always there for me through thick and thin. He taught me what unconditional love is about. I used #forapollo at first for dedication on running the course. But now it’s about hoping I can at least share half the love to the world that he showed me.

9. Along with ANW, what are you passionate about? What fuels you and makes you thirsty?

I love being outdoors. I’m going back to school in January to pursue a career in Mass Media. I love to travel without having a plan. And I love: bouldering, slacklining and of course animals


10. #ANW8?

We will see what happens. If I have to walk on, I will. I’m saving favors and time off for it. I am just getting back into training after nearly 4 months. I’ve lots of work to do. I’ve been training less obstacles and more climbing and slacking this year. Changing it up a bit

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