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American Ninja Warrior Season 9

I can't tell you all the details, you will just have to tune into NBC this summer for the course details. But I can tell you, this season is incredible.

Russ and I joined an incredible band of brothers in the infamous walk on line, an experience I wouldn't trade in for a callback (this year anyways).

As walkons, you don't have a lot of say, ok, none. We don't really know when we will get to run, IF we run at all. Cheers to 5am wake up calls from the sidewalk.

I cannot express how much love and support I felt, even at 5am. I told my friends and family to just go home after I didn't run at 1:30am, that I wasn't upset and totally understood, this is madness. They stayed. They all stayed. #teamchaos. My Tribe. My family. My heart.

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