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Skill Class to Move to Friday in May

SUMMER SCHEDULE UPDATE: Saturday Ninja Warrior Class will have its LAST class this Saturday. In May this class will be at its new lovely time, 6pm Friday. This is the same mixed ages Skills practice class it has been. The adult "Weird Liz Stuff" class will move to this time too. Saturday is STILL yours, but will just be open gym and your own workouts. We are currently working on permanently staffing Saturdays, so if you are interested in working for Chaos on Saturdays from 12-5pm Please let us know. You will have to know or be training in obstacle safety, and people management :)

!!Chaos is EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE COACH K (Koreyon) as a new member of the Chaos team! He will be running our Sports Conditioning Class Monday at 6pm for the Adults and Wednesday at 6pm for the Hooligans (11-17 year olds) Mr. Russ will be doing Weight Training on the Opposite nights, Monday with the Hooligans, and Wednesday with the Adults. $15 Drop in for youth. $5 Drop in for adults. UNLIMITED CLASSES and GYM for $75.

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