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Chaos: Covid Update

Hello Chaos Family. Here is the truth of it, we have to somehow rapidly balance a significant reduction in classes/clients/availability AND magically have enough income to keep our business afloat while, "this all gets sorted."

We are not willing to risk anyone's health to keep Chaos open, so are having to make rapid business model changes. Change is hard. We know what you all have come to expect at Chaos, and things are just different for the time being.

In-gym use is limited to only clients 14 and older. We are waiting 2 weeks to see how the city does with cases after the city opens to start Youth in the Park classes. We are in need of our adults who can, to sign up for classes and personal training. We need families who can, to sign up for personal training (Younger families, we will have outdoor workouts).

Adult Lifting classes are limited to less than 10 people. Russ has everyone spread out, and cleaning between stations. We are not doing drop in prices. Price is $75/mo for 3 classes per week. YOU MUST SIGN UP AHEAD OF TIME so we can ensure safety. You must understand we are doing our best to accommodate you.

Personal Training Sign Ups:

Families can book together for the same price. We ask that these are only people living together.



I will also be posting our Youth in the Park Group Classes sign up shortly. Check our Facebook page, Chaos Course, for more day to day updates.

We have applied for all the Covid Loans, and because I have been reinvesting into Chaos and not paying myself much, in order to best serve my community, we qualify for MAYBE $1,100. That's not half of one month's rent.

(816) 349-9205

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