Fitness is for Everyone


Chaos has the educational and experience to help out every person, not just the top athletes. We offer personal sessions, small groups, and inclusive classes for folks of all body types and all types of brains. We are always ready to learn more to best help out you, or your kiddo. We've got you. 

   Liz has a Master's degree in psychology with professional training with behavioral needs children.  Russ, he's the most patient person on earth, and he is the brilliant fitness planner.  Every person will be treated to an individual plan to make sure that his or her goals are met.  


Special Bodies:

We offer specialized classes for children with developmental and learning disabilities.  Fun and engaging classes designed to get your kiddos healthy and following directions and rules while playing. All kiddos are welcome to our classes inclusively but sometimes, smaller settings help us meet your kiddos needs. We are happy to help with any occupations therapy or physical therapy too. 


Special Bodies:

Once again, everyone is welcome to be included in any class we have. We also offer Adult and Teen fitness specialized classes for people with developmental and physical disabilities.  Fun and engaging basic fitness to help functional movement and fitness.  We tailor to each individual.


Teens and Adults with Chronic pain conditions including; multiple sclerosis, fibro myalgia, back pain, and depression.  This class is part support group and part tailored fitness.  Again, every individual person will be catered to.  Does your body hurt all the time?  Does your doctor say you need to be working out, but you don't feel like gyms help you?  You are who we made this class for.  Motivation, not intimidation.  


Beth Basic beginning Yoga, deep stretching, and personal programs.

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